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Meet Your Instructor:

Christopher Clark

Christopher is driven by a profound sense of purpose and calling from God to use his gifts to help transform lives.

At his core, he comes across as a man led by unshakable faith and an conviction that he is meant to play a role in furthering God's work on Earth. The way he speaks about things like hearing God's voice, maintaining integrity, and doing everything to bring glory to God - it's clear his relationship with his Christian beliefs is the foundational force propelling him.

However, Christopher doesn't appear to be motivated by a ego or selfish desires. Rather, he expresses genuine care and compassion for struggling people who are being held back by "lies from the pit of hell." You can sense his sincerity when he talks about not wanting to see people's God-given potential wasted.

His background as a Marine Drill Instructor cultivated immense discipline, leadership qualities and a "warrior" mentality of identifying and dismantling obstacles. But instead of fighting physical battles, his mission now is to wage war on the limiting beliefs, emotional traumas and self-sabotaging mindsets that enslave people spiritually and psychologically.

Christopher has an air of been-through-the-trenches wisdom from overcoming his own adversities earlier in life. This lends authenticity and credibility when he coaches others on breaking free from personal prisons and empowers an unshakable confidence in the transformative power of his methods.

Ultimately, Christopher Clark is a battle-tested, God-fearing man on a relentless mission to utilize every gift and skill he has to maximize the number of lives he can spiritually and practically uplift. His entrepreneurial pursuits are vessels for this higher purpose, not economic enrichment alone. Making an impact for the Kingdom and elevating others into their divine callings is his overriding motivation.

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